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Service reminders helps you remember to perform service tasks on recurring interval. For example, it can remind you to change oil on a vehicle every 5,000 km or check the tire's air pressure every 2 weeks. Service reminder can be sent by email to selected subscribers when it's "overdue" or "due soon". You can also have a global view of the service reminders from the "Dashboard".

Creating common service items

First thing you should do is to create the list of common service items that will be used as service reminders on more than one vehicle. For example : Oil change, tire rotation, etc. You can do so from the "Configuration - Service items" view : 

From this view, click the "Add Service item" button to create a new service item : 

Type in the description of the service to be performed : 

Then set the interval at which you want this service to be performed in the "Overdue" reminder settings area :

In this example, the "Perform tire rotation" service is set to be performed every 6 months OR 10 000 miles (or kms, depending on the vehicle's meter type). So, when assigned to a vehicle, this service reminder will be marked as "Overdue" when one of the two conditions is met. An email notification will be sent to subscribers and the service reminder will display in the dashboard.

Optionally, you can set "Due soon" settings so you will get reminded before service is "Overdue" : 

In this example, an email will be sent to subscribers and service reminder will be marked as "Due soon" 7 days or 500 miles before the service task is actually "Overdue".

Now click "Save" to finalize this service item : 

Creating service templates

Now that you have your common service items created, you can directly go to the creation of service reminders for your vehicles (see the next step), or you can create some "Service templates" to make the service reminders creation on your vehicles easier. A "Service template" is a group of "Service items" that is used to add service items in bulk to your vehicles. For example, you could create a service template for your "Sprinter" trucks and name it "PM for Sprinter trucks". The service template should contain service items that are common to this specific type of vehicles. 

To create "Service templates" use this menu : 

Click the "Add Service template" button : 

Type the name of the template then click "Save" : 

You will be redirected to the "Details" view of this new template where you can add service items to it. Use this button to add service items to the service template : 

The list of "Service items" you created earlier will appear. Just select those you would like to be part of the current service template and click "Save" :

That's it! You are now ready to assign service reminders to your vehicles using those newly created "Service items" and "Service templates". 

Creating service reminders

Now that you have your common service items and service templates created, you can move along with the creation of your service reminders. You can add service reminders globally, from the list of all service reminders, from here : 

Or you you can add service reminders to a specific vehicle by going to the "Details" view of the vehicle. To do so, click here to access the list of vehicles :

Click here to access the "Details" view of the vehicle :

Then click here to show the list of service reminders currently assigned to the vehicle : 

There is two buttons allowing you to add service reminders to your vehicles : 1 - "Add service item(s)", 2 - "Add service template" : 

If you click on the first one, the list of "Service items" you created previously will appear. Select those you would like to be set as "Service reminders" for this vehicle and click "Continue". Optionally, you can select the technician that will be in charge of these service tasks.

Please note that the technician will not be set as a "Subscriber" to this reminder. That means he wont receive email notifications about this reminder. The technician is picked up from the list of "Personnel":

While subscribers are picked up from the list of "Users" :

Now you will be asked to enter the "Next due date" and "Next due meter" values for those reminders. By default, today's date and current meter values will be selected. So the reminders may be marked as "Due soon" right after their creation (if "Due soon" settings are on). You can change those values to avoid this : 

Click "Add those reminders!" to finalize the operation.

The process to add a service template is exactly the same. Click the "Add service template" button to select the service template(s) to add, select the "Next due date" and "Next due meter" values then click "Add those reminders!".

Here is your newly created list of service reminders :

Whenever you want you can edit a service reminder using this button : 

You can edit the description of the service (Service task), the next due date and meter, the technician in charge as well as the "Overdue" and "Due soon" settings. "Service reminders", once they are added to a vehicle, are totally independent from the "Service items" so modifications to those values wont affect the main "Service items" you created at first.

Now you will want to add subscribers to your service reminders so email notifications are sent to the right persons. See this article regarding this.

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