Can I try Fleet Manager Mobile with a copy of my existing database instead of the hosted demo database?

Vincent Trepanier -


If you want to try the web app with a copy of your existing database, then send us your database file and we will replace the demo database with yours on our server.

Your database file is located on your server computer and it’s default path is : C:\ProgramData\VinitySoft Data\VSOFT.FDB. This folder may be hidden so you could have to type the path in a File Explorer window to find it:

You will have to compress your database file as it is probably to big to be sent by email. ​To do so, right click the file, then use menu "Send to - Compress".

You can check the "Technical support" section of Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 to find out where your database file is located exactly (on which computer and in which folder on the computer) :​ 

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