How can I restore the default visual appearance?

Vincent Trepanier -

Appearance and layout of the various visual elements (tabs layout, size of windows, columns width and their position in grids, etc.) are constantly modified while using the software. Here is how you can restore visual appearance to it's default settings : 

Go to "Technical support" section and use these buttons : 

You will have to restart the software for the changes to take effect.

In some rare cases where the layout is too messed up and you cannot even access the "Technical support" section, here is how you can force the layout to be restored : 

1. Close the software and open a Windows file explorer

2. Navigate to this folder : C:\ProgramData\VinitySoft Data\Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 (or "C:\ProgramData\VinitySoft Data\Tool & Asset Manager 2.0" if you are using Tool & Asset Manager 2.0). The "ProgramData" folder may be hidden so you could have to type it's path in the File Explorer window to find it : 

3. Remove or rename the "layout" folder : 

4. Restart the software and everything should be restored to it's initial state.

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