How can I get Fleet Manager Mobile and Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 to work on the same database?

Vincent Trepanier -

There is two options for this :

Option 1. The database will be hosted on your local server. This option will keep good performances for the desktop version but may decrease performances for the web based version a little bit (depending on your server and a lot of other factors). This option requires you to create a port forwarding on your router. We can connect to your server computer and try to help you with this but you will maybe have to check with your IT. Read this article for more details about this :

Option 2. You can send us a copy of your database and we will host it for you. It will gives very good performances for the web based version but will decrease performances for the desktop version. It's easier to setup. Read this article for more details on how to send us your database :

Once the database is hosted on our server, you will have to get Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 to connect to that database instead of your local database. To do so, you will have to go to menu "Configuration - Database connection" and type in the info we will provide : 

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