Understanding Work Orders

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Fleet Manager Mobile allows you to create Work Orders easily. You can generate them from the "Service reminders" or you can create them manually.

The structure of a Work Order :

A work order can contains multiple services to perform. And those services can contains multiple items like parts, labor, etc. Here is an example of a work order which contains 3 services ("Oil change", "Rotate tires" and "Check coolant") : 

Creating a Work Order manually : 

You can access the work orders from this menu : 


And use this button to create a new one : 

Or you can create one directly form the "Quick add" button : 

Once a new work order is created, you are automatically redirected to it's details where you will be allowed to add "Services to peform" to this work order : 

Click the "Add a service" button to create a new service : 

You will be asked for some info about the new service. After you click save, you will be redirected to the detail of the work order again, where you will be allowed to add parts, labor or misc. entries to the service to perform. You can do so from these links of from the "Action" button : 

Convert a work order to a "Completed service"

When a work order is completed, you can convert it to a "Completed service". The status of the work order must be set to "Closed" before you can convert it to a completed service. To change the status of a work order, just select it from the list and use the "Bulk action" button :

You can also change the status from the detail of the work order : 

Once a work order is closed, just select it and use this menu from the "Bulk Action" button to convert it to a completed service : 

You will be asked to enter the date of service. Then, after you click "Submit", the completed service(s) will be created. One completed service will be created for each "service to perform" item in the work order. So if there was three service to perform in the selected work order, then three completed services will be created: 

Creating a work order from service reminders

You can use the service reminders to create work orders. So when some services are due, you can convert them to one or more work orders directly. Just select the services you want to convert and use the "Convert to 'Work order'" button : 

You will be asked to enter some infos about the work order you are about to create : 

Save the info and that's it, you have a brand new work order with all the services already populated : 


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