What type of barcode readers are compatible with your software?

Vincent Trepanier -

Some functionnalities of our desktop applications can be enhanced by the use of barcode readers.

Our softwares works with all types of barcode readers that support keyboard emulation (most do). These readers are sometimes referred to as “keyboard wedge” or just “wedge” type scanners. These type of barcode readers plug into your computer through a USB port, and when a barcode is scanned, the reader sends the barcode number to your computer just as if you had typed it in using the keyboard. The advantage the barcode scanner brings is that it can be faster and more accurate than typing in the barcode number yourself, and it will bring up the existing records in the database quickly.

There are a variety of models available, and we recommend getting started with a model in the $25 - $75 range to get started if this is new to you. You can find some available on Amazon in this price range at the following link: barcode readers on amazon.


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