Where is my database located?

Vincent Trepanier -

To know where your database is located or to change the connection settings, go to menu "Configuration - Database connection" : 

There is three connection modes you can choose from :

Standalone : Host your database locally, on your own computer.

Multi user mode : Host your database on a computer on your local network.

Hosted database : We host it for you with our database hosting services. Click here for details.

When you have purchased the software, you have chosen either a "Standalone" version or a "Network" version. 

If you have a "Standalone" version, your only option is to host your database locally, on your own computer. The database will only be accessible from this computer. Contact us if you want to upgrade to a "Network" version.

If you have a "Network" version, you have two options :

Option #1 : You can choose to host the database on any computer on your local network. Other users will be able to install the software and access the database from their computer. You can install the software on as many computers as you want on your local network. See this procedure for the setup on your local network : http://downloads.vinitysoft.com/docs/NetworkSetupVFM40.pdf

It is also possible to access the database from a remote computer but it's a bit tricky. You will have to configure a port forwarding. Here is some infos about this : http://downloads.vinitysoft.com/docs/RemoteServerAccess.pdf

Option #2 : If you need to access the database from remote locations (secondary office, home, etc.), we strongly suggest you subscribe to our database hosting services. We can host the database for you on a fast and secure server. Click here for details. This way, connection to the database is very easy. From any computer with an internet connection, all you have to do is to enter your access code here : 

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