Decode Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)

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Please note that VIN Decoding primarily function on vehicles sold in North America since 1996 and have coverage for similar vehicles sold in other countries.

The VIN decoding feature in Fleet Manager Mobile automatically imports vehicle details and specifications. Vehicle measurements, engine and transmission data, fuel economy data, and more can be added in just a few seconds!

How to decode VINs

A VIN can be decoded at the time of creating or editing a vehicle.

In the vehicle's Add/Edit form, just type the VIN in the "VIN/SN" field then use the "Decode VIN" button:


If the VIN is valid and can be decoded, values of the following fields will be automatically populated:

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png mceclip5.png

New! See the new maintenance decoding feature. Import both OEM scheduled maintenance and additional maintenance items that may not be part of an OEM's regular schedule in just a few seconds!



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