How to connect Fleet Manager Mobile to my existing Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 database server?

Vincent Trepanier -

If you are here, probably you already have Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 as well as a database server running on a computer in your office. If you dont already have a running installation, click the following link for the steps to follow (If you are in trial period, just dont pay attention to step 5) :

Click here to setup Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 on your local network

Once it's done, as Fleet Manager Mobile will connect from the internet, you will probably have to create a port forwarding to let outside connections access the database server (Firebird). 

Follow this procedure to setup a port forwarding and learn how to connect Fleet Manager Mobile to your database.

Dont worry, you will only have to perform those operations once and we are always here to help. So dont be shy and contact us if you feel you are stucked.

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