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As in Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0, Fleet Manager Mobile allows you to create vehicle groups. This is useful when you want only certain users to access certain vehicles (see this article to learn how you can assign specific vehicle groups to specific users), or to simply better organize your data.

Vehicle groups can be created and managed from the "Configuration - Vehicle groups" menu : 

From this view you will be allowed to create, edit and delete vehicle groups. Using the "Subscribers" column, you will be also allowed to assign subscribers to vehicle groups. Subscribers are users that will be notified about reminders associated with vehicles in a group. See this article for details on how to add subscribers to service reminders.

Please note that each vehicle can only be associated with one group at a time and when you delete a vehicle group, the vehicle becomes "orphan". That means it's not associated with any group anymore.

You can click the "Vehicles in group" link to show the vehicles that are associated with the selected group:

You can use this button to remove a vehicle from the group:

If you want to add vehicles to vehicle groups, you have to go to the "Vehicle List", select some vehicles, then use the "Action - Set group" menu: 

Or you can set the group of a vehicle during it's creation or edition. To edit a vehicle, double click on it or select it then click on the "Edit" button: 

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