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The Fleet Manager Mobile API uses standard conventions for its architecture:

Endpoints And Actions

Most resources share similar format. Five actions are available : Index, Create, Show, Update and Delete. Each action will require that the correct http verb be specified, as a single endpoint can perform different actions depending on the verb.

Action Endpoint HTTP Verb Description
Index /vehicles GET Returns an array of all vehicles.
Create /vehicles POST Creates a new vehicle.
Show /vehicles/:id GET Returns the vehicle corresponding to the id parameter.
Update /vehicles/:id PATCH Updates the vehicle corresponding to the id parameter.
Delete /vehicles/:id DELETE Deletes the vehicle corresponding to the id parameter.

Response Codes 


Name Description
200 OK Everything went as expected! Used on index and show actions.
201 Created Used on create actions. A 201 means that a record was created successfully.
204 No Content Denotes that an action was successful, but the API does not need to return any data. Used on update and delete actions.
401 Unauthorized Your API key or Account token is invalid. Make sure that both are specified correctly.
403 Forbidden You are trying to access an endpoint for which you do not have permissions to. Check that the endpoint is correct and that your user has the necessary permissions to perform the action.
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