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In this tutorial, we will see how to create Inspection Forms, which will be helpful later to create Inspections or  Schedule Inspections for your vehicles. Those Inspection Forms can be printed out to employees or they can be completed on screen when part of a vehicle's inspection program. When you fill out an Inspection Form on screen, a Completed Inspection is created and Issues are created from the "Failed" items. Those Issues can then be converted to Work Orders or Completed Services.

Creation of Inspection Items

The first thing to do is to create some Inspection Items. These are the items to check in an inspection form (like "Wipers", "Brakes", "Fan belt", "Air filter", etc.). You will need those inspection items to create your inspection forms later. 

To create Inspection Items, navigate to Configuration -> Inspection Items: 

You will see a list containing some demo items:


Available fields: 

  • Description : A short description of the item to check
  • Instructions : Instructions to the Driver/Inspector regarding this Inspection Item
  • Category : You can set a category for Inspection Items. The form will be grouped by category at the time of printing or when you fill it out on screen.
  • Priority : You can set a priority from "Very low" to "Critical". When you fill out an Inspection Form and set the general condition of the vehicle as "Satisfactory", you will get warned if there is a failed "Critical" item.
  • Require comment for "Fail" : (This checkbox is available at the time of creating or editing an Inspection Item)

    If this box is checked, you will be prompted to add a comment if this item fails at the time of filling out the Inspection Form.

Creation of Inspection Forms

Now that you have your Inspection Items created, you can create Inspection Forms. Those forms will be available later for the creation of Scheduled Inspections or Completed Inspections for your vehicles. To create Inspection Forms, navigate to Configuration -> Inspection Forms:

You will see a list containing some demo inspection forms:

More details about this grid: 

  • Title of the form: The title of the inspection form. When printing out the form, title will be displayed at the top.
  • Description : A more detailed description about this inspection form. It will be displayed as a subtitle on the printed form.
  • Inspection interval : The frequency at which this inspection should be performed. As the inspection frequency can be different from one vehicle to another, you can change the frequency manually once a scheduled inspection has been created from this inspection form (we will see how to do this later).
  • Remind me : This column shows when a "Pre-reminder" will be triggered for this inspection form. This is a reminder before the reminder and it's optional. 

Now let's create a new Inspection Form: 

Here we created a new "General Equipment Inspection" form. This inspection should be repeated every 3 months OR every 6 000 (miles, km or hours, depending on the setting of the vehicle to which it is assigned). There is also a "Pre-reminder" that will trigger one week before the three months period is reached OR 500 (odo. unit) before the 6 000 is reached. The inspection will then be considered as being "Due soon". 

Adding Inspection Items to Inspection Forms

Last step is to add Inspection Items to your newly created Inspection Form. You must use the "Inspection items in form" grid that is available in the "Details" view of the Inspection Form to do so. To show the "Details" view, just double click the Inspection Form or select it and use this button:

This grid contains all the Inspection Items of the currently selected Inspection Form: 


You're done! You now have some Inspection Forms so you will be able to schedule or create inspections for your vehicles. Let's go for the next step and schedule some inspections. Read this article.


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