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TIP: See the explanation of maintenance terminology in the Terminology : Service Items, Service Templates, Service Reminders, Completed Services, Issues, Work Orders article.

Fleet Manager Mobile's Issues Module allows users to log and track unexpected, unplanned, or "one-time" type problems and repairs. These services typically do not fit within the routine Preventative Maintenance (PM) category. Examples of Issues include leaks, breakdowns, and failed Inspection checklist items.

Add Issues

There is a few different ways of adding a new Issue:

  • The Quick Add button (top left corner of the Fleet Manager Mobile window):
  • Issues > New button:
  • Vehicles > Vehicle List > Details > Issues button > Create New:
  • Through the Inspections module. When there is "failed" items in an inspection, Fleet Manager Mobile will ask you if you want to create Issues from these failed items. See this article for more details on Inspections.

Populating Information

When creating a new Issue from scratch (not from a failed Inspection Item), the following form will appear so you can fill out infos about the new Issue:


Available fields:

  • Reported on: Th date this issue was reported.
  • Vehicle: Select the vehicle this Issue occurred on.
  • Reported by: The person who reported this issue. If the issue is created from failed item of an inspection, the Inspector will be set by default here.
  • Assigned to: The person/technician this issue is assigned to. 
  • Notify assignee: If this box is checked the person this issue is assigned to will be notified by email right after it's creation.
  • Priority: The priority of this issue. Available values are: Very low, Low, Normal, Urgent and Critical.
  • Status: The current status of this issue. Available values are: Pending, Processing and Resolved/Closed.
  • Description: The description of the issue.
  • Comments: A space to enter a note or comments about the Issue. When there is a Note in a Completed Service, a little bubble will appear in the "Description" column of the Issues grid. Just place your cursor over the bubble to display the note:

Resolve an Issue

Once an Issue has been created, additional actions are required to Resolve or Close the Issue.

From the Issue's list, the Action button provides options to resolve by converting to a Completed Service or to a Work Order or by changing Issue's status to "Closed".

  1. Convert Issue(s) to Completed Service(s). You can select more than one Issue for multiple conversion at the same time. This action will create new Completed Service(s) and delete the selected Issues. 
  2. Convert Issue(s) to Work Order(s). You can select more than one Issue for multiple conversion at the same time. This action will create new Work Order(s) and delete the selected Issues. Please note that one Work Order will be created by vehicle. So if you selected two Issues associated with vehicle X and one Issue associated with vehicle Y, two Work Orders will be created, not three.
  3. Change status to 'Resolved/Closed'. You can select more than one Issue so the status of every selected issue will be updated at the same time.

All those three actions can be performed using either the Action button:mceclip5.png

Or using the contextual menu (right-click on the grid):


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