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Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 and Tool & Asset Manager 2.0 are standard Windows desktop applications. They are a one-time payment. They will run on Windows computers only and are feature-rich. You can download a free 30-day trial from these links :
Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 
Tool & Asset Manager 2.0

We offer database hosting service for those two applications. It greatly simplifies the installation while allowing users to connect to their database from remote locations very easily. Click here for details.

Fleet Manager Mobile is a web based application so it will run on any devices with a browser (Mac, PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.). It contains the essential features you need to effectively manage a fleet of vehicles. Both Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 and Fleet Manager Mobile can connect to the same database so the fleet manager could easily work from his desk with Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0, and drivers and technicians could input or consult data from their tablets or smartphones while on the road or in the shop. It’s billed on a monthly basis. Click here to subscribe for a free trial.

We offer great products at very competitive prices. Click here to see the price list

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