Associate a Default Person and Vehicle with a User

Vincent Trepanier -

Each user can set a default person and vehicle to facilitate data entry. When a default person and vehicle is set in the user settings, this person and vehicle will always be set by default when creating new records like Fuel Entries, Completed Services, Issues, etc.

Here is a typical use case :

All your drivers are already created in the "Personnel" list and you want your drivers to use Fleet Manager Mobile on their smartphones or tablets to enter the "Fuel Entries" they make.

If it's not already done, first thing to do is to create a Fleet Manager Mobile user for each driver (see this article to learn how to create users). Now, to associate the newly created user with a person from the list of personnel, the user must log on to Fleet Manager Mobile and go to "User Settings": 

You can update the default person and vehicle from here : 

This way, when this user will create a "Fuel Entry", "Completed Service", "Note", etc., the vehicle and driver will be automatically set by default, like in the following picture: 

Another advantage of setting the default person and vehicle is that it will appear in the dashboard. This way, a user can have a quick look at info that is relevant to him: 

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