Account Settings Overview

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Account Settings are the same for each user and only the administrator (owner) of the account can access those settings. You can access the Account Settings from this menu:

Account Settings area is divided in four sections:

  • Organization Profile (Company name, address, etc.)
  • Regional Settings (timezone, currency, date and time format, etc.)
  • Misc. Settings (for now, only the "Personnel name display format" setting is inluded in this section)
  • Database Connection (info about the database you are connected to)

Organization Profile

At the top of this section you can specify a logo to display for your organization. This logo will appear at the top of the main menu, just above user info:

Regional Settings

Fields in this section:

  • Time zone (The time zone you mostly use Fleet Manager Mobile in)
  • Currency (The currency you use in your organization. This is for display purpose only. Please note that changing the currency here wont affect any values in the application. No conversion will be applied.)
  • Date format
  • Time format
  • Default meter unit (This unit will be used as the default unit for the primary meter when creating vehicles. Please note that you can change the type of meter at the vehicle level when creating or editing a vehicle. This is for display purpose only. No conversion will be performed if you change the type of a meter installed on a vehicle.)
  • Fuel consumption unit (Mostly used in the "Fuel Entries" area)

Misc Settings


This section includes miscellaneous settings that does'nt fall in other categories.

Personnel name display format 

  • With person's number first, then last name and first name. For example:mceclip2.png
  • Last name then first name only. For example:
  • First name then last name. For example:

Database Connection

By default, your account is connected to the hosted database provided with your subscription, but if you are a Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 user, you can connect to a Firebird server that you may have previously setup by yourself. Click the "Change database connection settings" button to connect to another database.

See this article for details on how to connect Fleet Manager Mobile to another database than the default database provided with your subscription.

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