Service Items Overview

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TIP: See the explanation of maintenance terminology in the Terminology : Service Items, Service Templates, Service Reminders, Completed Services, Issues, Work Orders article.

Service Items are the building blocks of a Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule - routine maintenance services which recur at regular intervals, tracked by date or meter.

Examples of Service Items include Oil Change, Tire Rotation and Air Filter Replacement. Service Items may also be structured in a Parent/Childs relationship, Service Template being the parent and Service Items being the childs. So you could create a Service Template called "5 000 miles service", and this template could contains child service items like Oil Change, Tire Rotation etc.

Then create Service Reminders according to date and meter thresholds, so that key persons will be notified via their dashboard and email messages when maintenance is Due Soon or Overdue. They will then be allowed to create Work Orders or Completed Services.

Manage Service Items

Navigate to Configuration > Service Items via the left sidebar menu:


Fleet Manager Mobile comes pre-populated with some common Service Items, but you may add or edit some to suits your own needs:


Add Service Items

To add new Service Items, click the New button and complete the entry information:


  • Service task: Description of the service to be performed.
  • Time recurrence: Specify at which date interval this service must be performed. Using the "Show reminder" area, you can specify a rule that will trigger a "Due soon" reminder before the reminder is considered "Overdue".
  • Meter recurrence: Specify at which meter interval this service must be performed. Using the "Show reminder" area, you can specify a rule that will trigger a "Due soon" reminder before the reminder is considered "Overdue".

IMPORTANT: Please note that after the creation of Service Reminders from Service Items, you will still be allowed to change any of the values that came from the Service Items. Service Items are used to quickly create Service Reminders, but when the creation is completed, Service Reminders are not bound to Service Items in any way.

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