Service Templates Overview

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TIP: See the explanation of maintenance terminology in the Terminology : Service Items, Service Templates, Service Reminders, Completed Services, Issues, Work Orders article.

A Service Template can be seen as a container for a group of Service Items. For example, you could create a Service Template called "5 000 miles service", and this template could contains child service items like Oil Change, Tire Rotation etc.

This Service Template will then be available for quick creation of multiple Service Reminders, Work Orders, or Completed Services.

Manage Service Templates

Navigate to Configuration > Service Templates via the left sidebar menu:



Add Service Templates

To add new Service Templates, click the New button and type a name for the template, then click the Save button:


After it's creation, a Service Template is still empty (there is no Service Items in it). To add Service Items to a Service Template, click on the Details button:


Then use the Add Service Items button:


The list of Service Items will appear so you can check those you want to add to the Service Template. Click the Save button when you are done:


You now have a Service Template available for the creation of Service Reminders, Work Orders or Completed Services.



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